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    Unique opportunity - rarely seen - to purchase


    90 acres including Four cottages, Large machinery shed, Limestone boulders and caverns, Orchard, Pristine Tuglow River frontage (approx. 650 metres), Lake, Reedy Creek and successful Tourism business...

    all on the doorstep of world renown Jenolan Caves, NSW, Australia.



    Tara Blue Mountains (TBM) is a popular holiday hideaway, located 3+ hours west of Sydney, in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It neighbours world renowned Jenolan Caves.


    Encompassing 90 acres of stunning highland hills, bushland, waterways and ancient limestone boulders and caverns dating back more than 340 million years. The property is also home to an abundance of native wildlife that wander freely.


    It seems as though the top of the world surrounds you as you descend into the valley of Tara Blue Mountains. The scenic 4km drive is breathtaking and adventurous, arriving to a magical scene of stunning Australian bushland and animals, remote tranquility and moments that make your heart sing… all life-changing experiences.


    • The four cottages are off grid, demonstrating the ease in which one can live with little or no fossil fuels.

    • Solar panels and deep cycle batteries are the main source of power. There is also bottled gas for cooking, fridges and hot water and generators if required.

    • Each cabin is powered by solar, storage batteries and gas and has the ability to upgrade to 240v solar using existing 12v & 240v dual wiring.

    • All cottages are Council approved buildings, built in the 1980s, using local and recycled materials.

    • Machinery shed and stables provide ample storage and work areas.

    • Tara Blue Mountains is living a sustainable world where nature and people connect.

  • Tara Blue Mountains Caves

    Not For Sale


    Crystal Cave

    Little more than a wombat hole, the entrance to Crystal cave has been elusive until discovered in 1988.


    After adventuring over, under and crawling through the cave, an entrance to a magnificent chamber appears.


    Chandeliers of aragonite and helictites crystals delicately suspend from the cave ceiling. Superb cave conditions have allowed pristine white crystals to form, presenting one mod the best displays of crystal pool, stalactites, flow stones, shawls, flutes, straws and moon milk in the Tuglow Karst.


    " This unimaginatively named cave has some of the best aragonite clusters in Australia in two chambers at its eastern end."

    SUSS Vol 34 No 3



    Colubrid Cave

    This is an ideal cave for first timers to become acquainted with being underground.


    Learn about cave systems, limestone formations (speleothems) and karst (cave area) developments.


    Dragon Cave

    A great abseil pitch into darkness only illuminated by your headlight over the dragon’s lair warms you up. Soon you enter the exquisite cave system that will challenge your skills and stamina. Become a troglodyte (human cave dweller) and squirm past precariously wedged chockstones. Ladder over once flowing waterbeds now crystallised that will astound you.


    Many opportunity exist to challenge your newly developed caving skills and knowledge in the base of Dragon Cave. The exhilaration off exiting up the ladder system is invigorating, yet rewarding.

  • Tara Blue Mountains Cottages

    Four self contained and fully furnished cottages

    Chalet Cottage

    Self-contained Holiday Accommodation

    A popular holiday cottage frequented most weekends and school holidays.


    Cedar lined cottage with timber floors filled with charm and warmth. Stone wall feature behind wood heater creates a homely atmosphere.


    Two spacious bedrooms including a loft accommodating 6 guests.

  • Bungalow Cottage

    Self-contained Holiday Accommodation

    Modern, light and airy two bedroom self contained cottage. Large windows and glass doors capture the bush life in close proximity. Accommodating 3 guests.

  • Log House

    Self-contained Holiday Accommodation

    Recently renovated, this beautiful and comfortable home is most welcoming. Gorgeous views into the valley from inside the home or balcony are enjoyed, as well as, an abundance of bird activity.


    Open plan living with pitched roof, light stone-white walls and polished timber floors, sets for the scene for relaxing moments.


    Spacious light filled four bedroom two bathroom home, accommodating 8 guests..

  • Stone Cottage

    Self-contained Cottage (under refurbishment)

    Stone cottage is a self contained two bedroom cottage in remote Blue Mountains Australia, near (world renowned) Jenolan Caves

  • Water

    More precious than Gold

    Alkaline Water

    Pure Cavern Spring water

    Reedy Creek

    Pristine water


    Spring & Creek water

    Tuglow River

    Pristine Water

    Water storage

    100,000 litres

  • Opportunity

    Four investors @ $250,000 each = $1 million


    Tara Blue Mountains - Sustainable Holiday Accommodation.


    Council Development Approval has opened the door for new owners to expand the successful Eco Tourism business.


    Registered title ~ Lot 132 ~ 90 acres ~ for use of Tourism and Organic Food.


    Current & Potential returns

    Chalet Cottage $220 - $360 per night - max 6 guests (Actuals)

    Bungalow Cottage $200 - $235 per night - max 3 guests (Actuals)

    Log House $300 - $510 per night - max 8-10 guests (Forecasts)


    The above min/max nightly rates for 3 cottages = $720 pn / $1,105 pn

    365 days @ 100% occupancy = $262,800 pa / $403,325 pa
    365 days @ 50% occupancy = $131,400 pa / $201,663 pa

    Stone Cottage - Manager’s residence - would have an additional (full time) potential income of approx, $16,000+ pa



    Sheepstation Forest Road, Gingkin, NSW, Australia

    36kms south/east of Oberon town

    24kms south/west of Jenolan Caves


    Contact: T: +61 418 223 456 E: TBMaustralia@gmail.com

  • Purchase Option 1 only

    by private tender


    90 acres ~ 4 houses


    Lot 132 - registered title

    Tourism & Organic Food

    4 houses

    Thriving Tourism Business

    650m (approx) of pristine Tuglow River

    Reedy Creek and Lake


    260 acres

    Not For Sale

    Lot 131

    Aragonite Cave

    Cavern Spring Water

    Building rights for one house. 250 acres is the minimum size per dwelling.

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